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Kindergarten Project


Reunion Sportive d’Haiti has completed the First Phase of its Kindergarten construction project (Read Report) in Haiti to replace a school that was wiped out by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. The Kindergarten has 3 classrooms, a library, an office, and sanitation facilities. As it happens, the Kindergarten is located in Roche-Jabouin, Port-Salut, a fishing village not far from the area hit by the recent 7.2 earthquake and Hurricane Grace. Miraculously, the Kindergarten has survived both the earthquake and Grace and despite all the setbacks, kindergarten classes have begun. The Kindergarten is addressing educational inequalities and making a significant impact in this impoverished community. It provides access to early education for hundreds of vulnerable children to learn essential social, emotional, and study skills that they will use throughout their lifetime.

Reunion Sportive is now seeking funding for the Second Phase of the project, by adding the following programs:

1) Furnishing the library, buying teaching materials, tablets, and school supplies, so that the children can have access to books and learning materials.

2) Adding a school meal program—Building the cafeteria, kitchen, and food storage for the school meal program. The school meal program is paramount because these kids are extremely poor and many suffer from chronic malnutrition. The school meal program will provide critical support to vulnerable children, along with complementary nutrition education and health measures to support the child development, hunger reduction, and promote lifelong healthy eating habits.

3) Installing a solar-powered electricity system in the school to conserve food for the school meal program, and to keep medicine and vaccines refrigerated (if we add the medical office). The electricity will enable us to have computers, printers, tablets, and access to the internet for the school operations. Additionally, the electricity system will also enable the children in the village to read at night. Currently, once the sun goes down, the children cannot read because they have no access to electricity.

4) Adding a small medical office to provide basic preventive healthcare and vaccinations. The village has no medical clinic, and a large majority of children do not get their vaccinations on time (many don’t get them at all) because the nearest hospital is hours away. Given the remoteness of this village, it’s essential that we have the capability to provide basic care if a student becomes sick. This medical office will be headed by a registered nurse and will have an enormous impact on the children’s quality of education and on the entire village, because all the children in the village will get access to vaccinations and basic medical care. Even adults who are injured can receive first aide assistance or get regular check-ups to control their diabetes, hypertension, or other chronic diseases.

5) Installing a playground for the kids to play. Physical education is important, and this project will serve both the kindergarteners and other children in the entire village. Physical education provides cognitive content and instruction designed to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and physical fitness. The playground would enable the children to engage in daily physical activity, which will enable them to be physically active.

We are extremely grateful to the following partners who made the First Phase of this important project possible: The Dodge Family Fund, Emen Family Charitable Fund, Digicel Foundation, CPPS Heritage Mission Fund, the Libra Group, Food for the Poor, Gedeon GRC Consulting, ADIHA, as well as many individual donors and supporters.

Haiti Earthquake Distribution

In response to the Haiti earthquake, Reunion Sportive d'Haiti has distributed food and sneakers to 1,500 families. Reunion Sportive is still collecting funds to support the victims. The August 14 earthquake struck the Southern part of Haiti, the area where Reunion Sportive d'Haiti has been working for the past 11 years, killing over 2,200 people, injuring 12,300, destroying 60% of houses and thousands of schools and churches. Reunion Sportive is deeply connected to these victims and continues to support them in rebuilding their lives.

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Summer Camp Project

Over 70% of Haiti's 10 million inhabitants are under 30 years of age, and over 80% of them are unemployed. In effect, these young people are living a life of idleness in a country torn by division, social inequality, extreme poverty, economic disparity, and gripped in political gridlock. Despite facing severe adversities, few of these youths receive the supports and resources they need to cope and succeed. Learn more >>

Clean Water Project

On October 4, 2017, Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, decimated the southern part of Haiti, including the village of Roche-Jabouin. It completely destroyed 119 of its 125 houses in the village and wiped out its only clean water system. Since then, approximately 1,560 families are without clean water and are forced to gamble their life by drinking and bathing with a contaminated water that is unsafe for human consumption. As a result, hundreds of children are being diagnosed with water-borne diseases, including typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea. Learn more >>

Solar Lamps Project for School Children

Co-Founder of Reunion Sportive, Luther Voltaire, has started this solar lamp project for school children in Haiti. These children live in rural communities with no electricity, making it very difficult for them to study and do their schoolwork after the sun goes down. RSHaiti donates these solar lamps to these children, so that they can read at nights and further their education. We have thousands of children who need these lamps. Please support this project if you can. Each lamp costs $20.. Learn more >>

Reforestation Project

After Hurricane Matthew destroyed the southern part of Haiti, Reunion Sportive has undertaken a reforestation project by planting trees to strengthen the local communities, reverse the environmental degradation, and combat climate change. You can support the reforestation project by making a tax-deductible donation. Each tree costs $3. Learn more >>

School Feeding Program

We are currently building a cafeteria, kitchen, and infirmary for a school meal program and to provide basic healthcare to the children. The school meal program is paramount because these kids are extremely poor and suffer from chronic malnutrition. That program will provide critical support to vulnerable children and complementary nutrition education to support their development, hunger reduction, and promote lifelong healthy eating habits. However, given the level of hunger and human suffering in the village, we could not wait to complete the construction of the cafeteria and kitchen to begin the school meal program. Instead, we started the feeding program in October 2022 and have been feeding the children since then, and for most, this is their only hot meal for the entire day. We are seeking for financial support to continuing feeding these children.. Learn more >>